Celebrating the pioneering female filmmakers at the dawn of Hollywood.

Welcome to Hollywoodland

The Hollywoodland Project is dedicated to celebrating the fascinating and feminist world of the dawn of Hollywood.

Within five years the feminine influence will be fully fifty-fifty in Studio Land.
Ladies Home Journal, 1920

There’s a PODCAST uncovering the pioneering female filmmakers of the teens and twenties, and a LIFESTYLE BLOG exploring day to day life in the movie colony in 1921. A series of novels, a webseries, an online film club and LOTS MORE to be launched very soon…

The fair sex is represented [in Hollywood] as in no other calling to which women have harkened in the early years of the twentieth century.
Motion Picture Classic in 1915

Diary of a Twenties Girl is a lifestyle blog charting the life of Anna, a studio secretary working in Hollywood in 1921.

Stay tuned for LOTS more to be launched in the coming months…

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